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Other than your ascendant, and sun sign, are there any other key planets that affect your physical appearance? via Anonymous

Any planet you happen to find in the first house would heavily influence your appearance, to the point where you may be mistaken for that rising sign often e.g. Marilyn Monroe with neptune on her ascendant looking extremely Pisces Rising not so Leo rising until you watch closely 

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Does everybody have a planet each house because in my natal chart 7 of my planets are in the 11th house via exoticsoul-mysteriousmind

Nope some houses are empty and as you’ve personally found out some are full to the brim. It’s commonly thought in astrology that the more planets you have in a house the more important the lessons of that house are. This could mean for a very focused life, if I were you I’d read up on the eleventh house and its themes because they will most likely be a big part of your life’s journey. 

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i am a sagittarius girl with aquarius rising. can i attract and make boys fall in love with me via Anonymous

Yes, of course. Everyone has something innately attractive about them, it’s my theory that we naturally live it out when we’re like 5-6 then the world comes crashing in and we forget for a while, but it’s still there waiting and it’s easy to forget it under all the hormones, and stress, and future planning, but your still that 5-6 year old that everyone fell in love with and that magic is still there. But if your at a point that you can’t see it please allow me to help. What makes the Sagittarius Sun/ Aqua Rising combo amazing is their lust for new experiences and knowledge. They throw themselves into the deep end of life whether or not they know how to swim. They talk to the unpopular kid sitting alone because the genuinely want to hear their point of view, they do the outrageous because they want to, More is MORE live more laugh more do more is the motto. And sometimes it’s that backlash that kills them, how could anyone hate someone who loves life and people as much as they do? But, some do and sometimes it’s the words of the few that stick with us, in this case it could be those few people that cause this combo to build a super-outrageous i do what i want anti-social looking shell. But that kid full of love for life is still there. My advice, travel if you can’t out of state is fine, join a dance class from another culture, learn a language from someone whose lived in that country, listen to a strangers story, focus on laughing more, and focus on loving your life. The close you get to that true you, the closer you get to truley enjoying yourself the more irresistable you’ll become I promise. 

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I'm a virgo sun (26 aug 90), scorpio moon, sagittarius rising, mercury in virgo retrograde, venus in leo, mars in taurus. My boyfriend is a virgo sun (21 sept 88), aquarius moon, pisces rising, mercury in libra, venus in leo, mars in aries. What do you think of that pairing, and any advice for me (or for him, ha)? via allvirgo

Well I’ll start off by saying I love this pairing, my brothers a Virgo with two Virgo children if you can imagine it, and his best relationships have always been with other Virgo’s I don’t know they just get it That being said the only place i can see being a possible issue is the moon signs, your deep emotional core. What most astrology books don’t tell us is that every sign has emotions so please know even though he may not show it your Aqua moon man is just as emotionally deep as you, but the way he expresses it is rationally, or at least he’ll try but those Pisces rising eyes may be getting in the way. I know from experience that when you have your moon in an air sign you try your best to rationalize your emotions you never feel free to just “feel” something your constantly scanning searching probing for the cause of the emotion. In this way you can help him tremendously as a scorpio moon you’re innately in tune with you feelings you feel and it’s natural and not forced and doesn’t need to be intellectualized but he’ll need to talk through his emotions to feel it’s just how he’s built. Even if it seems pointless to you, listen to his theories on why he feels the way he feels or why he behaves the way he behaves, what you don’t see is that when he gets to open up and hypothesize to someone or even himself he can finally allow himself his feelings and he desperately needs that. Most compatibility astrologists suggest what I call a “behavioral compromise” if you become more “this” if he becomes more “that” then it will work, but that’s not love, that’s an act. So my advice is always this, be you live and accept your chart, and encourage him to do the same. Now as far as advice for the future, both of your charts suggest that your prone to pick with each other for the sake of “improvement” so some disagreements will happen my advice to you would be don’t shut down and dig in your heels and drown in your emotions, you love him and if you love him listen to him even when it makes you mad, listen to what he says then take some time to yourself to feel it over and put your feelings into words for him, I truly believe that is the crux of this relationship learning to turn your feelings into words and theories for him, and him learning to turn his theories and thoughts into emotion for you. Now a huge saving grace for this is the sure to be passionate sex, that Mars in Aries Mars in Taurus combo is sure to pack a big punch for you both. This is primal yin&yang, adam&eve stuff so when all else fails take it to the sack, sometimes it may be the only way to get him out of his own head.

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MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. Though they’d never admit to it, they think rather too much fuss is made about sex and that it should just be pure and uncomplicated, like animals mating. Terrified of dishonesty, they’re totally turned off by any form of deceit. 

Best Trait:Your refreshing simplicity and raw energy.

Mars 2nd House

Mars in the second house has a robust appetite for basically everything and a particular fondness for oral gratification. This is the Mars most likely to resemble an odalisque of olden times, reclining on some chaise lounge and renowned for their beauty, sensuality and lovemaking skills. They see the whole thing as a banquet, complete with lavish preparations and time being taken. Don’t rush them or diss the ample body beautiful. 

Best Trait: Your lush body and dedication to physical pleasure

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MARS-Astrology and Sex

So like I said in the previous post your Mars sign is how you and everyone else for that matter do the do, and the house that it’s in shows how you(should) seduce. Also be sure to check your lovers mars sign to know exactly what they crave as well. 

Mars in Aries

Alpha-Man/Woman, uber-jock/Tom-boy and insanely competitive. Genuinely brave and a defender of the weak. Easily moved by cheesie old sporting slogans and/or reminders of past triumphs. Terrified of emotion, which he/she calls “hysteria”. Win them by seeming unruffled by anything and having a nice line in sucky flattery. In bed: Straightforward. Gets the job done fast. Sometimes stuck back in the dimension of high school sexuality. 

Mars in Taurus

No matter how wild they may attempt to seem, these folks go ape for longevity and loyalty. Don’t bother trying to wrest them from any situation she/he’s stuck in, even if it is a rut and they know it. Their crazy for textural sensuality (high-thread- count sheets, your soft skin, the feel of an unbelievably comfy couch) and the most tolerant lover of all for anyone a bit chubby. He/She just loves flash. In bed: Can be a tad Lazy but keeps it up for fun. 

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The Mars/Venus Playbook-Intro

If you’ve dealt with relationship astrology at all you’ll know that the first thing most astrologers tell you to do is look at your venus and his mars or vice-versa, but I’ve found from my experiences that this isn’t the most accurate way to go about it. In all actuality this practice is built on the faulty premise that men project their venus instead of using it and that women project their mars when honestly nothing could be further from the truth. You have and always will express both your venus and your mars sign and I’ll show you how and why. First off I’ll start with the planets themselves and what they mean in astrology, Venus is the goddess of love and is the go to sign for how you Love and what you find romantic, whereas mars is all about passion and is the go to sign for how you actually do the deed, and what gets your heart pumping sexually. So to say that women only use venus and men only use mars is to say that women only want love/relationship, and men only want sex an idea that’s both absurd and a bit archaic. Now down to business what this means for you is that you officially need to stop checking your mars-venus synastry not that it doesn’t help, but it certainly isn’t as definitive as checking your Venus-Venus and Mars-Mars synastry. So if you want to know what your partner likes sexually check out that mars sign, and if you want to know what makes them feel all gooey and romantic check the Venus sign.

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Aquarius Rising

1st decan

Ian Somerhalder & Lindsey Lohan

2nd decan

Hugh Jackman & Jennifer Lawrence

3rd decan

Orlando bloom/Legolas & Adele

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Aquarius Rising/Ascendant

This is the second post in the series on rising signs around the zodiac, I figured Aries gets to be first enough so I’ll be releasing them in reverse order.These descriptions are based on books,pictures,and interviews of people with the rising sign itself if you don’t know your rising sign go to ( put in your information you’ll need your birth time which can be found on your birth certificate. Enjoy.


Aquarius rising people are made to excite,electrify,carry the spark of humanity if you will. People can’t help, but be excited around Aquarius rising, even the most somber of aquarians give off this electric tingle and if you watch the people who surround them you’ll see the twinkle in the eyes and the all too telling wide eyed excitement of being in an Aquarius risings presence. Leos and Leo risings get heralded as stars all the time, but Aqua risings can command an even more loyal following because of their ability to create a brotherhood.No matter what a Leo rising does it always feels like your watching a God be magnificent on their own, it’s awe inspiring but very distancing. Aquarius risings have a way of making people feel like they are a part of whatever the Aquarius rising is doing, in fact this sign may use the royal”we” when referring to him/her self as a nod to their penchant for groups. Aquarius don’t just achieve greatness and leave the rest of us behind to watch, they take us along for the ride so we can all bask in the sun.

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